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Alice Waters: Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook

Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook
Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook (1982) has come to be known as the manifesto of a food revolution. In addition to offering recipes from her renowned restaurant, Alice Waters explains her approach to food, and the philosophy behind her approach as it manifested itself there at her restaurant during the restaurant’s first decade of operation. Especially of interest is an introductory piece titled, What I believe about cooking.
Waters’ ideas are thought to have provided the impetus for the movement back towards eating seasonal locally grown organic produce.
Collaborators included: Patricia Curtan (long-time Chez Panisse citizen– bartender, occasional cook, artist), Jean-Pierre Moulle (Chez Panisse chef), Carolyn Dille (recipe editor), Linda Guenzel (customer turned transcriber), Fritz Stieff (Chez Panisse cook then waiter … host … ghostwriter). David Lance Goines (radical, pre-Chez Panisse fiance of Alice Waters’, Berkeley artist, etc. etc.) designed the book; most notably the dust-jacket which aptly captured the variegated exterior of the restaurant.

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