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Giuliano Hazan updating his Classic Pasta Cookbook with Kickstarter funds

front cover of Classic Pasta Cookbook - first edition 1993

Classic Pasta Cookbook 1993

Read Giuliano Hazan’s post regarding the e-book edition of The Classic Pasta Cookbook.

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Pioneer Woman premiers on Food Network

The Pioneer Lady, Ree Drummond; made famous with her blog and cookbook: The Pioneer Woman Cooks : Recipes From An Accidental Country Girl premiers on the Food Channel today.

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Delia Smith’s Frugal Food Released

Delia Smith’s Frugal Food officially re-issued today! Read the review at the Telegraph website. Frugal Food by Delia Smith 2008

Read Delia’s biography at

The current issue of Yours magazine contains an interview with Delia about this book and other things. Woman magazine out today contains another interview.

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Martha Stewart book released

martha stewart's cooking school cookbook

Today is the release date for Martha Stewart’s new book, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook.

Check the “Cooking School Book Tour” listing on Martha’s website to see if she’ll be visiting your neighborhood bookstore.

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Claudia Roden

While reading Nina Simonds blog, Spices of Life, I discovered that tomorrow, at The New Yorker festival, a conversation between Claudia Roden and Jane Kramer will take place. Claudia Roden
Jane Kramer profiled Roden for the 2007 Food Issue of The New Yorker.
Kramer and Roden will discuss Roden’s latest culinary discoveries while tastings of the dishes and wine pairings are served.
In addition to the note about the festival, Nina Simonds has also posted a video of Roden preparing fattoush.
a book of middle eastern food Alfred A. Knopf published Roden’s first book, titled A Book Of Middle Eastern Food, in 1968.
Roden and her extended Jewish family had been forced to leave Egypt in in 1956, following the Suez War. At that time she began to collect recipes from relatives and refugees.
Married in 1959, she continued to collect recipes. It was this collection of recipes she drew upon for the 1968 book.
Since then Roden’s, A Book Of Middle Eastern food has been revised twice. Both the first revision (1985) and the second revision (2000) were published under the title, A New Book Of Middle Eastern Food.

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Cindy Mushet makes the Gourmet Magazine Cookbook Club

This month, Cindy Mushet’s newly published book, The Art and Soul of Baking, garnered a positive review by Gourmet Magazine. Mushet’s book will be sold through Gourmet‘s Cookbook Club.

See the Cindy Mushet video: Tips to fix common baking problems at Gourmet‘s website.

cindy mushet baking problems video

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The Forme of Cury(e) goes virtual

The BBC reports that John Rylands University Library of University of Manchester is currently in the process of digitizing a group of early English manscripts from their collection for viewing over the internet. Included is the The Forme of Cury: A Roll Of Ancient English Cookery Compiled about A.D. 1390 by the Master Cooks of King Richard II.

forme of cury The Forme of Cury is the name given to a collection of manuscripts thought to have been written by the Master Cooks of King Richard II around 1390 at the request of his royal highness.

According to Alan Davidson (1999): “Although there are other such compilations, this (The Form of Cury) gives the fullest and best impression of (medieval) Anglo-Norman cuisine.”

Reprints of the manuscript include:

  • Samuel Pegge (1780) under the title: The Forme of Cury
    A Roll of Ancient English Cookery Compiled, about A.D. 1390

  • Richard Warner (1791) under the title Antiquitates Culinariae
  • Prospect Books (1981) facsimile of Richard Warner’s 1791 edition.
  • Curye on Inglysch (Constance Hieatt and Sharon Butler, 1985) also contains other early cooking manuscripts to the king's taste by lorna sass
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art (1975) not a reprint, but a collection of original recipes from The Forme of cury interpreted by Lorna Sass for use in the modern kitchen

Why not try Sawse Madame (goose stuffed with garlic, fruit, and herbs), Chykens in Hocchee (chicken stuffed with herbs, garlic, and grapes and boiled broth) or Sambocade (elderflower cheesecake)???

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Cook Book sales rise in 2008

CNN reports that “a weak economy has turned cooking into a necessity for many Americans.” BIGResearch, a Worthington, Ohio-based firm that does consumer research, found that about 45% of Americans are dining at home in 2008; (rather than going out) in order to save money. CNN mentions that Borders Group, Inc. and have both experienced double-digit growth in sales of food-related products like cook books, etc.

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Delia Smith returns to newsprint

Almost four decades after she wrote her first cookery column Delia Smith is returning to newprint with a new column, Delia Smith’s recipes in the Telegraph Saturday magazine.
Smith’s book, Frugal Food (1976), will be reprinted.
Smith says, “We’re keeping the same introduction because, when we read it, we realised that it’s absolutely relevant to now. We’ve been through this before — it’s just incredible how what goes around comes around…”

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Betty Crocker – Minnesota’s most famous resident


Minneapolis Star Tribune – Minneapolis, MN, USA

Other marketing milestones include the 1950 launch of the “Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book,” which became one of the bestselling books in publishing history . . .

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